Morpeth Brewery

Artisan micro-brewery on site, producing quality, naturally carbonated craft beer – free of additives or preservatives.

Black Tractor Dark Ale - 6.6%
Close Call Pale Ale - 5.2%
Trade Winds IPA - 6.0%
Red River Cream Ale - 5.2%

Black Tractor Dark Ale – 6.6%

This is a deep, dark beer brooding with finely balanced malty hop flavour. It is brewed with coloured & dark malts, plus Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops. Although somewhat unusual to some beer lovers, it is a deliciously hoppy alternative to the traditional mild dark beers such as stouts and porters.

This style of beer originated in the USA in recent years and was first referred to as Cascadian Dark Ale. Ales of this style range from dark brown to pitch black and showcase malty and light to moderate roasty notes and are often quite hoppy. Some beer affectionados refer to this style of beer as Black IPA.

Close Call Pale Ale – 5.2%

This is a superb golden ale, brewed with a special blend of North American hops and Australian pale malt. Smooth, with full hop flavour and a refreshing clean finish. This is a pale ale worth living for!

The name of this superb beer celebrates two major events in the colourful history of Morpeth: It’s founding in 1821 by Lt. Edward Charles Close – a veteran of the Napoleonic wars; and the infamous flooding of the Hunter River in 1955, its widespread devastation largely sparing the Hunter River port town of Morpeth – a close call!

Trade Winds IPA – 6.0%

A traditional India Pale Ale, refreshingly smooth with clean, crisp hoppy after taste. Trade Winds is brewed with Australian malts and North American hops, and is a deceptively strong yet easy drinking IPA.

India Pale Ales were first brewed in the 18th century in England. These ales were made to be very hoppy and high in strength in order to endure the hot weather and rolling seas on the long journey to India.

Red River Cream Ale – 5.2%

Red River Cream Ale is an iconic Canadian style Cream Ale. A unique multi-grain brew, it is made with a blend of barley & wheat malts, flaked oats, flaked corn, and Red River Cereal. It is lightly hopped with Centennial and Crystal hops. The result is a mild and malty brew, easy on the hops with distinctive, delicious flavour and satisfying finish.

Red River Cereal, a special ingredient in this beer, was first created in 1924, and is an enduring Canadian favourite. It’s a porridge cereal made with a blend of cracked wheat, cracked rye, and cracked whole flaxseeds. The cereal takes its name from the Red River which flows through Winnipeg, Manitoba.