Morpeth Brewery

Morpeth Brewery, a subsidiary of River Port Brewing Company Pty Ltd, is a small, independent, artisan brewery that has proudly been brewing hand-crafted beers on the premises of the Commercial Hotel since 2012. Although we are a separate company, we brew keg beers exclusively for the Commercial Hotel, working in harmony with the hotel to provide its many customers in the local area (and beyond) the ultimate beer experience.
We brew our beers using traditional methods. Unlike many of the big breweries, we do not use additives or preservatives, nor do we filter, pasteurize or artificially carbonate our beers. All our beers are naturally carbonated.
In this way, our 100% natural, living beers – like fine wines – mature and evolve with time, and a glass of beer imbibed early in the life of a batch, may offer a subtly different taste experience from a glass of the same batch several days or weeks later. Of course, as artisan brewers, we celebrate these inherent variations as a traditional way of brewing and a unique point of difference from factory-produced beer.
If you are seeking wholesome beers that offer a distinctive taste & aroma experience then we recommend that you come for a visit and try one of ours.
You will find Morpeth Brewery and the Commercial Hotel in the heart of historic Morpeth in the beautiful Hunter Valley region of NSW.

A Selection of Our Beers

Since we started we have brewed over 40 different styles of beer. We have up to six taps available for our beers, two of which are primarily used for special events the other four are dedicated to our regular beers, our IPAs on rotation and our seasonal beers. Five of our most popular brews are described below.
Close Call Pale Ale - 5.2%

Close Call Pale Ale – 5.2%

This is a superb golden ale, brewed with a special blend of North American hops and Australian pale malt. Smooth, with full hop flavour and a refreshing clean finish. This is a pale ale worth living for!

The name of this superb beer celebrates two major events in the colourful history of Morpeth: It’s founding in 1821 by Lt. Edward Charles Close – a veteran of the Napoleonic wars; and the infamous flooding of the Hunter River in 1955, its widespread devastation largely sparing the Hunter River port town of Morpeth – a close call!

Black Tractor Dark Ale - 6.6%

Black Tractor Dark Ale – 6.6%

This is a deep, dark beer brooding with finely balanced malty hop flavour. It is brewed with coloured & dark malts, plus Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops. Although somewhat unusual to some beer lovers, it is a deliciously hoppy alternative to the traditional mild dark beers such as stouts and porters.

This style of beer originated in the USA in recent years and was first referred to as Cascadian Dark Ale. Ales of this style range from dark brown to pitch black and showcase malty and light to moderate roasty notes and are often quite hoppy. Some beer affectionados refer to this style of beer as Black IPA.

Trade Winds English Style IPA - 6.0%

Trade Winds English Style IPA – 6.0%

This, is an English-style IPA, brewed with Australian pale malt and a small quantity of crystal and biscuit malt, and selectively hopped with 4 varieties of English hops. We treat the brewing water to replicate the high sulphate / carbonate well waters of Burton-on-Trent England, resulting in a beer with clean, smooth bitterness.

. India Pale Ales were first brewed in the 18th century in England. These ales were made to be very hoppy and high in strength in order to endure the hot weather and rolling seas on the long journey to India. English-style IPAs are notable for their distinctive flavours and high alcohol content. The malt base is relatively mild, emphasizing the hop character but still retaining a nice balance between hops and malt. Typically, the mouthfeel is light to moderate and the finish is clean and smooth.

Nature Boy West Coast IPA – 6.2%

Nature Boy West Coast IPA – 6.2%

This, our version of a West Coast IPA, is brewed with a blend of pale and crystal malts, and hopped with exotic, high alpha hops from one of the world’s largest hop growing regions located in north-west USA. Nature Boy has big hop flavour and aroma. It is easy on the bitter with a delicious, distinctive taste and smooth, satisfying finish.

West Coast IPAs are notable for their big fruity flavours and aromas. The malt base is relatively mild, emphasizing the bright fruit notes of the hops and expanding from the aroma into the flavour. Typically, the mouthfeel is light to moderate and the finish is crisp and often dry. The slightly aggressive alcohol percentage is masked by the fruity flavours derived from the hops.

Big Easy – 4.9%

Big Easy – 4.9%

Big Easy is an example of one of the lighter seasonal beers that we brew, which balance out the stronger beers in our daily offerings. Big Easy is a beer that is big on flavour and easy on strength. It has a pleasant balance of hops and malt and is distinctly aromatic, flavoursome, easy drinking and more-ish.

Big Easy can be categorized as an XPA-style beer which is related to Pale Ale; it originated in the last decade in the USA. It appears to have arisen in order to fill in a perceived gap between Pale Ales and IPAs; the X or ‘Extra’ pertains to its colour, its flavour and its sessionability.